About Us

Not an Ordinary Pelikat

Flapwrap (formerly known as Pelikat KL) is a pioneer of the revolution of local sarong brand. Since 2016, we introduced semi-instant pelikat sarong into market with minimalist design. After our innovative product has gained recognition in various social media in 2018, the product has win thousands of Malaysians’ heart. 

Flapwrap strives to bring the confidence in you, the flapper, without compromising the quality. We will make sure that we give the best!

Our Story

The idea for this instant sarong came in March 2016 when our founder was praying where his daughter came to pull his sarong, and it almost fell off! 

Suddenly his experience of living in Scotland UK few years ago made him reminiscing about the traditional Scottish Kilt that has evolved with additional features, giving him the idea to incorporate these elements into the pelikat sarong in Malaysia.

Passion for Millenials

We started in small scale before we travel far to find the best manufacturers of sarong material. We partner exclusively with the biggest pelikat manufacturer in South East Asia where the factory has decades of experience in producing high quality pelikat sarong.

Despite our unique design, we also have already invested so much in sourcing the best materials for our products. We believe that things of quality have no fear of time.

Growing as a Global Brand

Fast forward, we have been invited by TV Alhijrah and NTV7 to introduce our brand and the revolution of pelikat sarong in 2018 and Astro Awani Niaga in 2021. Our product also has been featured in Oh!Bulan media and we had a collaboration with AirAsia where our proud local brand has been featured in ROKKI, an award winning in-flight entertainment service.

Flapwrap is committed to break the Global market with our innovative products and compete with renowned brand of sarongs that are available in South East Asia.