Cancer... 2nd chance to live. That's how flapwrap started.

My mission is to bring back the glory of this product, ensuring people find happiness in wearing it before I close my eyes forever.”


Pic: HKL 2017

In 2006, life took an unexpected turn for me when I was diagnosed with cancer. This pivotal moment granted me a second chance at life, a chance I vowed to make meaningful.

Before my health scare, I struggled academically and faced setbacks in SPM.

However, the second lease on life propelled me to pursue education vigorously, leading me to finish my degree in Aircraft Engineering Mechanical with cgpa 3.61 and further study to Scotland in same major, but this time in Electrical.

I finished the course with flying colours. Alhamdulillah.

Returning to Malaysia, fate took an unexpected turn, preventing me from utilizing my hard-earned Aircraft Engineering License. The authority not allowed me to convert my Europe License.

Life became an uphill battle, pushing me to the brink of surrender. Desperate to survive, I explored unconventional avenues, from photography to selling toys.

One day, during a moment of prayer, my daughter’s innocent act, pulling down my Kain Pelikat and almost “terlondeh”, triggered a flashback to my time in Scotland.

The Scottish Kilt, a symbol of pride and tradition, sparked an idea – a vision to breathe new life into our forgotten Kain Pelikat.

Armed with my aircraft engineering expertise, I set out to revolutionize the traditional Kain Pelikat.

Drawing inspiration from the luxurious Kilt industry in Scotland, I envisioned a modernized Kain Pelikat that preserves tradition while catering to contemporary needs.

The result was Flapwrap – a brand committed to redefining the old Kain Pelikat.

The journey was no easy feat. Countless prototypes were crafted, incorporating innovations like Instant, Anti-londeh, and Pockets.

I spared no expense, burning through thousands of ringgit to ensure Flapwrap’s Kain Pelikat remained a locally-made, secure Malaysian product through Patent, distinct from foreign imitations flooding the market.

Flapwrap’s vision goes beyond revitalizing a forgotten attire. It seeks to disrupt the monopoly held by foreign brands in the old Sarong industry such as Gajah Duduk, Wadimor, Atlas, Mangga, Peti Surat and many more.

My dream is to witness our traditional Kain Pelikat reclaim its rightful place in the hearts of Malaysians, much like the Scottish Kilt.

But Flapwrap is not for the ordinary.

It’s for those with strong characters – the rebellious, misfit, creative, genius, crazy, troublemakers. Those who see things differently, not fond of rules, and have no respect for the status quo.

They are the ones who
push the human race forward.

While some may see them as the
crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

That’s a
Flapper. (flapper; A name for those wear flapwrap)

Flapwrap isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. “Make The Kain Pelikat Great Again!” is our battle cry.

In a world where tradition often takes a back seat, Flapwrap is on a mission to rewrite the narrative, making Kain Pelikat relevant and cherished once more.

Join us in this journey, as we strive to make history and bring back the glory of Kain Pelikat.

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Let’s make Kain Pelikat great again!

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Warm regards,

Founder, Flapwrap